The WalkSafe program educates children on road safety, helping them gain knowledge and skills to prevent injury. Presentations include topics such as: walking safely near traffic, intersections & crosswalk, how to read traffic and pedestrian lights, the 5 steps to crossing the street, visual barriers, how clothing helps us see and be seen, making eye contact with other road users, right of way/wait your turn, expect the unexpected, the dangers of distraction and stopping distances for vehicles.

The presentations are offered to students in Grades 1-4. These sessions are provided at no cost and run between 30-45 minutes. We handle all aspects of the presentation, including bringing in presenters, so that there’s no additional burden on teachers/educators.


WalkSafe is a program of Ottawa Safety Council. Recreation PEI has an agreement with the OSC to deliver the program in PEI. For more details: https://www.ottawasafetycouncil.ca/walksafe/


This spring presentations were delivered in seven different Elementary Schools across the Island, totalling 18 sessions and reaching 365 students in total.


To book a presentation or learn more email: [email protected]