Who We Are

We ensure that the Island’s
recreational facilities maintain the
healthiest environment possible.

Professional Leadership

  • We promote the hiring and use of trained professional leadership in community/facility/program positions
  • We Support fair wages and benefits for these professions

Active Communities

An Active Community is one that promotes and supports, through a coordinated strategy, a way of life in which physical activity is valued and integrated into daily life. Active Communities are encouraged to place a particular emphasis on Active Homes, Active Leisure, and Active Transportation. We advocate for:

  • Playground Safety
  • Access to Facilities

Active Schools

An Active School is one that values the benefits of physical activity and ensures that it is a visible priority in the daily life of the school. An Active School is committed to the goal of increasing the amount of daily physical for every student. We encourage:

  • An increase in physical activity
  • The public use of schools for recreation purposes
  • Active Transportation to and from school

Active Workplaces

An Active workplace is one that values the benefits of physical activity, creates a supportive environment for employees to make the choice to become more physically active, and works towards the goal of creating a supportive environment that results in an increase in physical activity levels by its employees.

Safe Recreation Facilities

One of our goals is to ensure that the Island’s recreational facilities maintain the healthiest environment possible. Recreation PEI achieves this standard by:

  • Supporting proper training and certification for staff
  • Promoting tobacco-free indoor and outdoor sport and recreation facilities
  • Favouring Healthy Food Choices in concession areas
  • Overseeing Safe Physical Environments, e.g. safety netting, carbon monoxide detectors, Automatic External Defibrillation Units (AED's)
  • Encouraging Energy Efficiency. Developing the 'Greening' of facilities to reduce electricity costs and encourage environmental stewardship. To apply for a grant to have an Energy Audit from the PEI Government click here.
  • Fostering a Healthy Social Atmosphere, e.g. managing spectator violence
    Championing physical activity for spectators

Executive Members


Dean Lund

Vice President

Vicki Tse


Nancy McMinn


Kevin Crozier



Paula Sark


Jean Marc Beauchesne


Monica Ross


Dave Tompkins


Dale McIsaac

Government Liaison

Francois Caron


Executive Director

Valerie Vuillemot

Project Manager
- Recreation PEI

Jamie Gosbee

Project Manager - go!PEI

Treena Gormley