Active Transportation

School Travel Planning

School Travel Planning (STP) encourages schools to introduce an Active Transportation (AT) initiative to students. Through an STP program, schools may undertake achievable strategies such as the enhancement of school infrastructure, engineering improvements at or near school sites, education concerning walking and cycling, and the introduction of walking and cycling programs.

Community stakeholders might include school administration, parents, municipalities and/or government; partnerships may also be formed with Seniors Initiatives, Boys & Girls Club, and Youth in Action Teams, with their members contributing volunteer hours and resources to the project.

An STP program encourages initiatives such as school walkabouts where key stakeholders perform a walking tour of the school property and neighbourhood, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges related to the commute to and from school. Sneaker Days encourage students to walk the school’s track before class begins, keeping track of combined km walked.

Videos on AT/STP Initiatives