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Christmas is right around the corner, and gift shopping can be daunting. If you’re looking for unique and active gifts for your little loved ones, you’ve come to the right place. Recreation PEI has compiled a list of gifts to help inspire active living and physical literacy. Some of them come in a box, but we assure you they’re all out-of-the-box ideas to get you and your loved ones moving. If you’re lost for ideas, look no further; Recreation PEI has a recommendation for every price range, age and physical skill level.

Price Range Breakdown 

$0-$35 – $

$36-$65 – $$

$66-over – $$$

  • Body Poetry: Yoga Cards 

    • Price range – $
    • Buy at – Owl’s Hollow (in-store)
    • Great for groups of kids, includes three levels of yoga with pictures and instructions. Get up and moving after that turkey dinner with Yoga Cards, promoting balance, control and focus.


  • Juggling Balls

    • Price range – $
    • Buy at – Owl’s Hollow (in-store)
    • It’s a classic for a reason; simple and effective for hours of fun! You can learn the basics, then level-up to tricks for a challenge of physical literacy practice, hand-eye coordination and control of limbs.

  • Big Bag of Backyard Science

    • Price Range – $$
    • Buy at – Owl’s Hollow (in-store)
    • Contains tools for so many fun science experiments! Covers chemistry, physics, magnetism, weather, geology and flight. The Big Bag of Backyard Science makes it easy to be in nature, reconnect to the earth and get moving. 

  • Ski/Snowboard Lessons

    • Price Range – $$$
    • Buy At – Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park at Brookvale
    • There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad outfits! The winter is still a great time to get outside and get active while learning new skills. With lessons available from “never-ever” to “advanced,” it doesn’t matter where your loved one fits on the scale. This is a great workout from start to finish working on muscle strength, cardio and overall body awareness and control.

  • Twister

    • Price range – $
    • Buy at –  Toys-R-Us 
    • It’s a classic for a reason! It’ll get everyone off the couch and stretching, while laughing at the ridiculousness; guaranteed fun times.

  • Scooter

    • Price Range – $$$
    • Buy at HomeDepot, Canadian Tire or Toys-R-Us 
    • For your more mobile loved ones, try a scooter to help improve balance, coordination and confidence! 

  • Forest School Activity Cards

    • Price Range – $
    • Buy at – Owl’s Hollow
    • Contains activities for craft and skill-building. 48 games in total designed to inspire a long lasting relationship with nature. Great for families who are looking to get outside and physically connect with the earth.

  • Bean Bag Bucketz

    • Price range – $$$
    • Buy at – Toys-R-Us 
    • Get people of all ages up and involved! Play with two people or make teams, working on your hand-eye coordination as you try to get to 21 points! Great for a day at the beach, park or a backyard BBQ.

  • Magnetic Darts Game

    • Price range – $$
    • Buy at –  The Toy Factory 
    • Safe for all ages and any spaces, this game is great target practice for rainy days. Hang anywhere and let your darts fly; their magnetic tips won’t damage walls or people. Practicing hand-eye coordination has never been so fun and safe.

  • WOWmazing Concentrate Kit

    • Price range – $
    • Buy at – Toys-R-Us online
    • Engage in outdoor activity while creating beautiful and fun bubbles! It enhances imagination and decreases stress, making massive bubbles in one motion.

  • Kids’ Snowshoes

    • Price range – $$$
    • Buy at – Canadian Tire 
    • Invest in the future with their very own pair of snowshoes to be used for years to come. They’re a great, low impact way to enjoy the fresh air and be in nature, inspiring a passion for activity early. 

  • Snow Brick Maker

    • Price range – $ 
    • Buy at – Toys-R-Us and Canadian tire  
    • At under $5, this might be the best find of the season. This promises hours of outdoor fun, building icy igloos in the winter or sandcastles in the sunshine when summer comes around!

  • Kinderfeets Kinderboard Natural

    • Price range – $$$
    • Buy at – Owl’s Hollow 
    • This simple little board can have a big impact on children 18+ months. It’s designed to help young kids develop a sense of balance, stimulate their vestibular system and gain deep awareness in their body. Excellent for developing and prioritizing physical literacy from a young age.

  • Throw Throw Burrito

    • Price Range – $$
    • Buy at –  Owl’s Hollow
    • What happens when you cross a card game with dodgeball and also incorporate burritos? You get Throw Throw Burrito! This extremely unique game incorporates card recognition with the added challenge of ducking, dodging and throwing soft burritos. Don’t worry the burritos are soft, but this game is still a physical literacy challenge.

  • Book some time on the water!

    • Price range – $$-$$
    • Buy at – Paddles PEI and Outside Expeditions  
    • If you’re looking forward to warmer temperatures, why not book a water expedition for you and your loved ones in advance? It’s a great way to see PEI in a whole new way and potentially inspire a new passion. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding, you’re sure to work on muscle strength and balance.

  • Tubing/Snowshoeing at the Brookvale Nordic Centre

    • Price Range – $
    • Buy at Brookvale Nordic Centre 
    • Another great way to spend time outside while spending quality time is snowshoeing or tubing. Rental tubes and snowshoes are available, as well as curated trails and a beautiful hill to go on. Breathe in fresh air and get the blood pumping; this gift gives a lot of memories.

  • Disney Frozen II Up and Active Olaf Snowflake Catch Game

    • Price Range – $
    • Buy at Toys-R-Us 
    • Look Mom, no hands! Catch snowflakes anytime of the year by putting on this headband. Perfect for your Frozen loving loved ones. One person tosses and one person attempts to catch with their head! Works on hand-eye awareness.

  • Gift Card to That Fun Place

    • Price Range – $-$$$
    • Buy at That Fun Place 
    • This is a great gift to liven up the winter. That Fun Place, an indoor play cafe, allows parents to sit and sip a coffee while kids can shake their sillies out, running, sliding and bouncing for hours.


Even if none of these ideas are jumping out as the perfect gift for loved people in your life, remember there are so many more active gifts to give. We at RecreationPEI encourage you to search out gifts that get you and your loved ones moving this holiday seasons.

Local Retailers- do you sell one of the items listed but are not on the “buy at” list? Send us an email at [email protected] and we will add you to the list.

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays from RecreationPEI!