Children in Nature P.E.I.

With funding from the IWK Children's Hospital, Recreation P.E.I. partnered with the City of Charlottetown to develop "Children in Nature P.E.I." It is a nature-based active program created to inspire children and youth to be active and enjoy nature by providing them with the opportunity to visit local natural areas.

Participants are introduced to various flora and fauna and take part in fun and engaging activities that will encourage them to grow into individuals who are comfortable in nature; are aware of their impact on the environment; understand important nature-based themes; and develop a love and compassion for nature and physical activity.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage children/youth to be active in nature
  • Teach children/youth about nature: how to enjoy and respect, play and protect
  • Learn about flora and fauna
  • Spend unstructured time gain skills to be active on their own in outdoor spaces in their own neighborhood
  • Encourage recreational opportunities that are readily available
  • Introduce children to their own neighborhood parks

Nature and physical activity are the basis of this program. With each lesson, a game or interactive activity accompanies it. The idea is to introduce young Islanders to and educate them about various nature topics relevant to P.E.I., while they participate in a variety of activities and games that disguise learning.

Children in Nature P.E.I. is set-up in modules that are based on the four seasons. The modules are a guide for teachers, coaches, parents, leaders, etc., as they work to connect their children/youth to nature. Information and resources are provided with each module for the educator to refer to or supply to their students as needed. All participants are encouraged to be active outdoors all year round, to go outside rain or shine, and get connected with nature.

If you would like to learn more information on this program please visit or call Melissa at 892-3837.