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Atlantic Recreation & Facilities Conference (ARFC) and Trade Show

This three day conference is a collaboration between the four Atlantic provinces' recreation and facility associations. It is held every two years and rotates through each province.

The purpose of this conference is:
- to foster collaboration and be inspired to build relationships that will help you do your job better;
- to highlight and share findings, best practices and experiences from relevant research, policy and practice work;
- to build partnerships and strengthen networks to facilitate knowledge transfer and exchange; and
- to identify priorities and develop coordinated action plans for building the National Recreation Framework.

For more information on the upcoming ARFC or to register visit the ARFC Website.

CPRA Professional Development Certification Program

Canadian Parks ane Recreation Association's PDC program is Canada’s only professional development certification program for recreation and parks practitioners. Its approach to personalized development gives you, in any stage of your career, the skills you need to excel and forge new career opportunities.

Through this certification, you will enhance your understanding of the issues facing the recreation and parks sector and will be further equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to design and implement innovative solutions. You will be part of a national network of professionals and practitioners that will ensure the health of the sector and enhance the quality of its programs and services.

For more information on the Professional Development Certification or to register visit the CPRA Website.

HIGH FIVE® Leadership Training

HIGH FIVE® training provides participants with nationally recognized certification that will assist them in working with children's programs in the sport and recreation industry. Several municipalities, non for profit organizations and service providers either require or recommend HIGH FIVE® certification for employment.

It is Canada’s only quality standard for children’s sport and recreation programs and represents a true commitment to quality physical activity and is based on research involving child development experts, recreation and sport professionals, families and leaders.

Training Courses include; Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD), Principles of Healthy Aging (PHA), HIGH FIVE® Sport, Strengthening Children's Mental Health, and others...

For more information on the upcoming HIGH FIVE® Leadership Training or to register Contact Us.

Maritime Arena Operatotions Institute (MAOI) Course

This three-day course has been designed specifically for those in the arena industry. An intensive training program focuses on the unique challenges facing arena operators that offers practical solutions to help you fully achieve your potential and further your professional development. Level 1 consists of mostly classroom material with some practical aspects while Level 2 has a more hands-on practical approach. To achieve a certification for the course at either level a combined 60% grade must be obtained from the Theory and Practical exams at the end of the course.

Eligible attendees may apply for the Doug Moore Scholarship to assist with course costs.

For more information on the upcoming MAOI Course or to register Contact Us.


Mid-Season Ice Maintenance Seminar

This one-day seminar has been designed specifically for those in the arena industry and has become an integral part of the training of arena personnel throughout the Maritimes. The Mid-season Ice Maintenance Seminar should be considered an integral part of the overall professional development for those in the arena industry. The information obtained from this workshop can be put to use immediately at any facility, whether it is an energy saving technique or an improved maintenance procedure.

This training workshop will also provide an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss issues of concern with others in the arena industry.

For more information on the upcoming Mid-Season Ice Maintenance Seminar or to register Contact Us.


National Swimming Pool Foundation Certification Course (offered by TIAPEI)

The Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) is offering the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certification Course. This program will certify you to properly maintain your swimming pools and hot tubs. This program is recognized worldwide.

The course is three days in length, you must attend all three days. Upon successful completion of the course (pass the exam) you will be a Certified Pool Operator from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

It is important to ensure the person who takes the course is the person who actually manages the water in your pool. Funding may be available through the Workplace Skills Training program for the registration cost.

For more information on the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certification Course or to register visit the TIAPEI website.