Training, certifications, and professional development courses that will help make recreation professionals more reliable and credible, while making the recreation sector a safer place for everyone to work & play.

East Coast Arena Training (ECAT) Course

This two-day course has been designed specifically for those in the arena industry. An intensive training program focuses on the unique challenges facing arena operators that offers practical solutions to help you fully achieve your potential and further your professional development. Courses consist of classroom material with various hands-on practical aspects related to Refrigeration, Resurfacers, and Ice Making & Maintenance. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses will be available and participants will receive a certificate of completion for each course.

Recreation PEI is hosting the ECAT Basic course on June 12-13 at Eliyahu Wellness Centre Canada Games Place in North Rustico. Register here:

More information on this course can be found here.

The Intermediate course will take place in Quispamsis, NB on June 24-25. Registration will be available soon.

For more information on upcoming ECAT or to register Contact Us.

Atlantic Recreation & Facilities Conference (ARFC) and Trade Show

This three day conference is a collaboration between the four Atlantic provinces' recreation and facility associations. It is held every two years and rotates through each province.

The purpose of this conference is:
- to foster collaboration and be inspired to build relationships that will help you do your job better;
- to highlight and share findings, best practices and experiences from relevant research, policy and practice work;
- to build partnerships and strengthen networks to facilitate knowledge transfer and exchange; and
- to identify priorities and develop coordinated action plans for building the National Recreation Framework.

For more information on the upcoming ARFC  and to register visit the ARFC Website.

Ball Training for Fitness Leaders (BALL)

Small exercise balls can be used to add variety and to progress strength in functional mobility programs. They can also be used to enhance older adults’ balance and flexibility. Fitness Leaders will explore ways to include small balls into exercise programs for both high and lower functioning participants. This program is designed by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging at the University of Western Ontario and delivered by BALL certified facilitators.

Who should take BALL? Fitness instructors and trainers who engage with older adults.

For more information on the upcoming BALL or to register Contact Us.

CPRA Professional Development Certification Program

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association's PDC program is Canada’s only professional development certification program for recreation and parks practitioners. Its approach to personalized development gives you, in any stage of your career, the skills you need to excel and forge new career opportunities.

Through this certification, you will enhance your understanding of the issues facing the recreation and parks sector and will be further equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to design and implement innovative solutions. You will be part of a national network of professionals and practitioners that will ensure the health of the sector and enhance the quality of its programs and services.

For more information on the Professional Development Certification or to register visit the CPRA Website.

Facilities Webinar Series (Summer, 2020)

"Planning to re-open? How many people can I let in and how will we manage them?"

Your doors are opened or opening to the public. Are you ready for physical distancing within your space? Here at Smarter Spaces we are aware of the challenges that businesses will face. Using our existing technologies to provide a “birds eye view” in conjunction with our Emergency Planning expertise, we are able to help you plan out your space. With a plan in place, we can help you maximize the number of people that can use your space safely. Please join us for a webinar explaining our Proximity Planning™ service.

Presenters: Tim Mansfield & Colin Gillis, Smarter Spaces Inc.


Infection Prevention & Control In Recreational Facility Settings

This is an informative online session designed to engage and educate facility management staff from ALL organizational levels about the latest developments in infection prevention and control (IP&C) and how to adapt learnings from healthcare to the recreational facility setting. This online presentation will provide overviews of:

Key IP&C concepts, including up-to-date details regarding COVID-19
IP&C product evaluation and selection criteria
IP&C procedures and auditing methods
Emerging trends and technologies in the field of IP&C
Practical ideas and resources to help enhance existing IP&C initiatives

Presenter: Mark Ambler, Germ Aware IPC (


Arena Safety Procedures for Ice Skating and Curling Facilities

The Provincial Chief Boiler Inspector will give a brief overview of the refrigeration plant room inside an ice arena. He'll describe the roles of various safety devices and best practices along with some avoidable risks and hazards associated with the operation of a typical refrigeration plant room. Both, Ammonia and Freon facilities will be discussed.

An emphasis will be placed on the need for facilities to be up to date in their safety codes, the need for worker safety training, the proper use of personal protective equipment, proper ventilation, alarm systems, safe storage of hazardous substances, and the importance of recording in the official plant log, and what to do in case of a variety of emergencies.

This webinar is highly recommended for all arena personnel including ice technicians, canteen staff and management. An emergency situation can happen to anyone at any time!

Presenter: Steven Townsend, Chief Boiler Inspector - Province of PEI


Marmak's Recreation Facility Asset Management (RFAM) Software

This presentation will focus on creating an accurate asset inventory which is essential to Asset Management and can be stored in RFAM’s Inventory Module which Recreation PEI offers at no cost as part of their member services.  This module encourages a standardized methodology to collect and manage assets’ details including: model, condition, replacement cost, and more. The presentation will also highlight RFAM’s ability to assist with adopting new safety regulations including creating inspections and work orders. To learn more about the extensive functionality offered by RFAM please visit:

Presenter: John Tarantino, Marmak Information Technologies


View All Facilities Webinar Recordings Here

Falls Prevention Workshop (FALLS)

When a senior is injured from a fall it often results in physical, social and emotional trauma and loss of independence. Active, physically strong seniors have a better chance of avoiding and/or recovering from a fall-related injury. This workshop is designed to help you initiate effective fall prevention initiatives in your community or facility. Training Topics Include; Home and environmental screening for fall hazards, Screening tools to identify individuals with high fall risks, Falls prevention exercise programs, Hands-on exercise demonstrations. This workshop is designed by Sports Centre Physiotherapy and delivered by a certified physiotherapist.

Who should take Falls Prevention Workshop? Staff in community care, long-term care or retirement facilities and fitness instructors and trainers who engage with older adults.

For more information on the upcoming FALLS or to register Contact Us.

HIGH FIVE® Leadership Training

HIGH FIVE® training provides participants with nationally recognized certification that will assist them in working with children's programs in the sport and recreation industry. Several municipalities, non for profit organizations and service providers either require or recommend HIGH FIVE® certification for employment.

It is Canada’s only quality standard for children’s sport and recreation programs and represents a true commitment to quality physical activity and is based on research involving child development experts, recreation and sport professionals, families and leaders.

Training Courses include; Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD), Principles of Healthy Aging (PHA), HIGH FIVE® Sport, Strengthening Children's Mental Health, and others...

For more information on the upcoming HIGH FIVE® Leadership Training or to register Contact Us.

Mid-Season Ice Maintenance Seminar

This one-day seminar has been designed specifically for those in the arena industry and has become an integral part of the training of arena personnel throughout the Maritimes. The Mid-season Ice Maintenance Seminar should be considered an integral part of the overall professional development for those in the arena industry. The information obtained from this workshop can be put to use immediately at any facility, whether it is an energy saving technique or an improved maintenance procedure.

This training workshop will also provide an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss issues of concern with others in the arena industry.

For more information on the upcoming Mid-Season Ice Maintenance Seminar or to register Contact Us.

National Swimming Pool Foundation Certification Course (offered by TIAPEI)

The Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) is offering the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certification Course. This program will certify you to properly maintain your swimming pools and hot tubs. This program is recognized worldwide.

The course is three days in length, you must attend all three days. Upon successful completion of the course (pass the exam) you will be a Certified Pool Operator from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

It is important to ensure the person who takes the course is the person who actually manages the water in your pool. Funding may be available through the Workplace Skills Training program for the registration cost.

For more information on the National Swimming Pool Foundation Certification Course or to register visit the TIAPEI website.

Tiered Exercise Program (TEP)

Very frail, sedentary older adults who have lost significant physical capacity can improve functional mobility and experience the accompanying physical and mental health benefits by engaging in a simple progressive exercise program. Students learn 3 program tiers, each comprised of 10 simple, progressive exercises designed to improve mobility levels of individuals with varying levels of frailty. This program is designed by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging at the University of Western Ontario and delivered by TEP certified facilitators.

Who should take TEP? Fitness instructors and trainers, front-line staff, caregivers and family members who engage with frail older adults.

For more information on the upcoming TEP or to register Contact Us.